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Delta Phenomics is a preclinical contract research organisation (CRO) specialized in the analysis of animal behavior. We combine a longstanding expertise in behavioral pharmacology and neuroscience with a unique automated behavioral testing and data analysis platform. Our key expertise is in-vivo compound screening for drug discovery and safety pharmacology studies and behavioral phenotyping of genetically-modified rodents. We offer a number of unique animal models in neuroscience and oncology.
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Dr. Helen Pothuizen
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Nistelrooisebaan 3, 5374 RE Schaijk
the Netherlands
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9174402 (Arnhem, the Netherlands)
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Province of Noord-Brabant, the Netherlands
Denmark (any region)
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Contera Pharma ApS
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Dr. Mikael Thomsen
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Kvaesthusgade 5C, 4th floor, DK–1251 Copenhagen
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+45 23276134
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Conventional anxiety tests in rodents have limited validity and translational power. This is problematic in times when most of the preclinical tested drugs fail to show efficacy in the clinic. As a solution, Delta Phenomics has co-developed an instrumented home cage (the PhenoTyper), which allows the continuous automated monitoring of rodent behavior (including anxiety) in a relatively stress-free environment. Stress is a confounding factor in behavioral testing. To persuade others of the added value of our approach and to achieve a wider implementation in drug discovery, pharmacological validation is needed. We will use the incentive to test known anxiolytic compounds in both our novel anxiety test in the PhenoTyper, as well as a conventional test. The compounds are provided by Contera Pharma, which has a strong interest in testing their synergistic drug combination for anxiolytic effects in rodents. A future aim could be to collaborate also on animal models for Parkinson’s disease.
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